What to Expect If You're NOT at Coachella!

Happy day one of Coachella! With the festival starting today in Indio, California, there are a few things that you should be prepared for if you aren't attending.


1. Expect for your Instagram feed to be flooded with Coachella pictures.

Throughout the entire weekend, your Instagram feed will be simply Coachella pictures. Whether it's a photo of someone's outfit, a boomerang of a performer or a snapshot of the massive watermelons they sell, it will take over your timeline.

2. Prepare for the FOMO.

If you're not at Coachella, it may feel like you're the only one. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) will most likely strike, but you have to remind yourself that although it seems like everyone is there, you really are in the mass majority by not attending. Plus, you saved yourself over $500!


3. Don't expect to hear from any friends that are attending.

The second your friends enter the festival, they will most likely lose all phone service, wifi and overall ability to contact you. If you are lucky, you'll hear back from them at the very end of the day when they get back to their hotel.

There are so many people in the festival that the crowds practically eliminate any contact with the outside world.

4. You can live stream the festival!

If you aren't going to be physically at the festival but still want to watch it live and be part of the action, don't worry! Coachella will be live streaming tons of performances on their YouTube channel.

Since multiple artists will be performing at the same time, Coachella is running three different live streams. Whether you want to see the craziness of the Sahara Tent or the huge crowds at the Coachella Stage, they have got you covered. Keep in mind that Coachella will only be streaming live on weekend 1! 

Live stream channel 1 can be found here, featuring headliners The Weeknd, Beyoncé and Eminem, along with tons of other artists.

Live stream channel 2 can be found here, featuring Kygo, Aminé and more.

Live stream channel 3 can be found here, featuring artists like French Montana and Blackbear.

We are all going to be dancing along at home. Who needs the festival when you can party at home with your squad, right? (We'll convince ourselves that.)


Even if you're not living it up in the desert, you can still make the best of your weekend! Grab some other friends that aren't attending the festival and throw your own party. Worst case scenario, you can buy a last minute ticket for Weekend 2 if you feel really left out of the excitement.

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