What to Eat at Coachella 2018!

While all of the artists performing at Coachella are incredible, there's something else that is just as amazing to look forward to... THE FOOD!

There are going to be over 100 vendors on site, meaning what ever crazy snack you're craving, they most likely have it. For example, they are serving black ice cream. It's completely necessary... and aesthetically pleasing.

Although there are over 100 places to grab food at the festival, these are some that we're most excited about.

1. Shake Shack


The burger restaurant originates in New York but is making its way to Indio, CA for the next couple weekends. Try one of their burgers, milkshakes and some of their amazing crinkle cut fries while you're out in the desert! This meal is perfect to grab and go.

2. Backyard Bowls


Backyard Bowls will be serving up some of their incredible açaí bowls both weekends! This is great for anyone looking for a healthier route rather than the typical quesadillas and burgers you'd find at a festival.

3. Seabirds Kitchen


Seabirds Kitchen serves delicious vegan food! The fried avocado tacos are absolutely incredible. Grab some kombucha with your meal and you're all set to eat clean and healthy during Coachella weekend.

4. Hanjip Korean BBQ


Hanjip Korean BBQ will be cooking all the grilled meat that your heart desires. Throw together some beef, seafood, vegetables or whatever you'd like while you're at the festival!

5. Joe & the Juice


Joe & the Juice will have all of the fresh pressed juices of your dreams while in the desert. Drink up!

6. Little Damage


Black ice cream in a charcoal cone is good for two things. One: to eat (obviously). Two: for the photo op. Get those pictures quick though so you can eat the ice cream before it melts!

7. Mallow Mallow


Mallow Mallow is any dessert-lover's heaven. These s'mores are so much more intricate and detailed than any average s'more you could make around a campfire! Mallow Mallow specializes in bringing you all the best flavors to add into your s'mores. They are even cooked with a culinary fire torch — baked to perfection.

Considering there will be 100 food vendors, Coachella is going to be a great time for all you foodies! There's just one issue... how will we try it all in just three days? I guess this means we'll be eating every single meal at the festival. No complaints!

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