6 of the Craziest Coachella Performances

It's almost time to bust out the glitter, bandanas and sunscreen... Coachella 2018 starts next weekend! While we anxiously wait for April 13, let's take a look back at some of the craziest and most thrilling performances over the years.

1. Tupac Hologram


This performance had the entire world talking. A hologram of Tupac came out at Coachella 2011 and not only performed a song, but had a short conversation with Snoop Dogg. The designers of this hologram did an incredible job at making every movement look realistic! The performance took everyone in the festival off guard and is one that will never be forgotten.

2. Lady Gaga


Fans deemed Coachella 2017 "Gagachella," and her electrifying performance lived up to the name. Gaga had so many dancers, mirrors, lights, visuals and (most importantly) incredible vocals that she stole the show when she headlined the festival.

3. Zedd


Zedd is someone who focuses very heavily on making sure his visuals are just as high-energy as his songs, and seeing this introduction surrounded by palm trees at Coachella is the most ideal way to experience a Zedd set. The lights, lasers, smoke, graphics and more connected with the strong drum beat leading into "Beautiful Now" make Zedd's performance one of our favorites ever!

4. Guns N' Roses ft. Angus Young


Even though lead singer Axl Rose had a broken foot and was stuck in a chair for the entire performance, the band did not disappoint! Considering he is such a legend, they didn't give him just any old chair... Rose was in a massive throne that commanded the entire stage! They even upped the wow-factor of their performance another level when they threw AC/DC guitarist Angus Young onstage. 

5. Prince


10 years ago, Prince headlined Coachella. His 2008 cover of "Creep" by Radiohead was taken off the internet due to copyright issues, but in 2016 it was re-uploaded with Prince's blessing. This cover and Prince's entire Coachella set is one that will never be forgotten.

6. Phoenix and R. Kelly


Phoenix brought out R. Kelly as a special guest at Coachella 2013, and he sang the lyrics to his 2003 hit "Ignition" over their song "1901." The collaboration was one of the most unexpected ever, but it had the entire crowd singing along.

There have been so many amazing performances at Coachella, it's hard to even pick the craziest ones out. With Beyoncé, Eminem and The Weeknd headlining this year, it's set to be an amazing show!

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