5 Things You Need To Survive Coachella

If you're a Coachella first timer then this article is the one for you. We have listed your top 5 essentials for Coachella that you do not want to forget. 

#1: Bandana

No one really realizes how important having a bandana is until it's 11pm and they're walking back to their campsite or car with hundreds of other people and dust is flying in their mouths and noses. This is something you are not going to want to forget because not only does it come in handy to keep dust away, but it also is the perfect addition to any outfit. 

#2: Extra toilet paper

If you are camping, BRING EXTRA TOILET PAPER. Trust us, you are going to regret not bringing any when you run out and the porta pottys don't have any toilet paper in them either, which will 100% happen at some point during the weekend. Moral of the story is, don't even risk it. Just bring extra toilet paper. 

#3: Sunscreen

Not having sunscreen at Coachella is equivalent to laying in the sun for 3 days with no protection on and hoping you won't get burnt. You're in the dessert right in the middle of the hot sun with limited shade, you're going to get burnt no matter what so at least try to ease that by layering up on sunscreen every single day multiple times throughout the day. 

#4: Camelbak

Choosing to bring a camelbak is one of the greatest and most convenient things you could ever do for yourself. These are especially nice to have when you're in the middle of the crowds waiting for a set to start because you don't have to worry about leaving where you are to fill up your water bottle. Pro tip: fill up your camelbak when you get into the festival at one of the water refill stations, security will not let any liquids go into the festival at checkpoint. 

#5: Comfy shoes

I know what you're thinking, comfy shoes aren't always the cutest completion of any outfit. However, you will be walking at least 3 miles everyday going from the campsites or car drop offs into the festival and to each stage. There are 5 different stages and especially once night time hits and everybody is inside the festival, it will take you a lot longer to walk anymore. Do yourself a favor and throw on some comfy shoes, you will be grateful that you did. 

We are only a couple weeks away from Coachella! What are you planning on bringing? 



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