Marshmello and Anne-Marie Play Charades

Marshmello and Anne-Marie recently stopped by the 102.7 KIIS FM studio to hang out and play a game of charades.  


Since Marshmello's identity is hidden, we thought charades would be the perfect game for Marshmellow and Anne-Marie to take on and they definitely killed it. Marshmello had to pull different scenarios out of the iHeart mug and act it out to the best of his ability so Anne-Marie would be able to guess what he was doing. 

The topic for the game was "Things You Do With Friends" and the first one Marshmello randomly chose happened to be "dancing," which was fairly easy for Anne-Marie to guess. The next one was definitely not as easy as Marshmello chose the paper that said "Watching Netflix" and Anne-Marie failed at guessing that one correctly. As the game went on, Anne Marie actually guessed 7 out of 9 of the scenarios correctly, pretty impressive! 


Marshmello and Anne Marie's new song titled "Friends" dropped on February 9th, 2018. The idea of the song sprouted from a friend of Anne Marie's that actually wanted to be more than friends, but she just felt differently. They worked on promoting the song by teasing short audio clips the week of and then finally releasing the full version, which fans instantly went crazy over. 

If you had the chance to play a game with Marshmello and Anne-Marie, what game would you choose to play? Tweet us @1027KIISFM



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