#KIISNextUp Artist of the Week: Nina Nesbitt


KIIS FM's #KIISNextUp Artist of the Week is Nina Nesbitt! Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Nina is now touring through the United States as she continues to grow her fan base worldwide. 

She explains to KIIS FM's EJ that's she's experienced a lot of 'firsts' during her most recent trip to the US. After landing in Atlanta, GA and asking her fans on Twitter what she should do - Nina details what it was like trying fried chicken (and loving it!). 


Nina also got the opportunity to perform at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX this year. She tells EJ: 

"I think for artists it's like a really vulnerable experience because you don't get a soundcheck. And you're literally, like - you don't have your lighting. It's stripped down. It really tests you as a crew...No soundcheck, but we're going to do a great show. And I think that's when the best shows actually happen, when you're just like 'ahh, what's going on.'  

We had like genuinely one of the best show's we've ever done at South By...the audience was amazing."

When it comes to performing, she also explains that she likes to play in smaller more intimate venues. It allows her to get to know and meet the audience after the show's done, and find out where they're from along with how they discovered her music. 


Life on the road can be difficult for artists that embark on long tours, Nina describes the traveling as "tiring." However the one thing she always looks forward to is the show. Nina's started to go out and explore the cities she rolls through too, because in the past she feels like she's missed out on opportunities by sitting around the venue waiting for her show to begin.

Nina Nesbitt has a busy - and exciting - schedule ahead of her. She'll be touring the United States for the next couple months, then will head back overseas for a UK leg. After that - it's all about performing at music festivals and finalizing her new album, expected to be out in the Fall of this year. 

Want to catch Nina Nesbitt live in concert in Los Angeles? Grab tickets to her set on Tuesday March 27th as a special guest on Jake Bugg's Solo Acoustic Tour. You can find them here!

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