Normani Kordei Talks Dates, Harmonizers and More At Stars & Strikes!

Normani Kordei is flying solo - along with the rest of the girls from Fifth Harmony. Days after the group publicly announced their disbandment, Normani came out with KIIS FM to support A Place Called Home's Stars & Strikes celebrity bowling event. 


Normani Kordei is no stranger to the Stars & Strikes charity event. For the 2017 rendition last year she held the title of ambassador. This year she showed up looking like a revelation in red - even noting that she's matching the carpet (unintentionally)! 

If you were thinking about approaching Normani for a romantic night out, a bowling alley would not be the location of choice if she had anything to do with it. Ironically - she explains to KIIS FM's Manny on the Streetz that she's actually not the best at bowling. "I'm that girl that needs all the bumpers" she says.  Even so - the fact that she's coming to support such a great cause year after year says a lot of positive things about her character! 

Some activities that ARE on Normani approved date night list are movies and amusement parks. "Rollercoasters break the ice" according for the former Fifth Harmony songstress. However, she is still waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet. When Manny asked her to describe the best date she's ever been on, she answers "no one's really been romantic like that." Also if you're going to take her out to dinner, you gotta make sure the menu is right. Normani is a strict pescatarian - only eating plant based foods and fish. She explains to Manny that although she likes to eat spicy tuna, raw fish isn't exactly her favorite thing to eat. 


On the topic of Fifth Harmony embarking on their hiatus, Normani did have some words for her fans - the loyal #Harmonizers. She says:

"These have been the best six years of my life, honestly. And it's just beautiful to see how much we've grown with our fans, you know? We've seen them graduate from high school going into college and they've seen us through every single chapter of our career. It's just been such a beautiful journey. I'm not going to take any of it for granted, I'm not going to forget any of it. It's just literally been the best and like, the most monumental time of our life - and I can speak for all of us, honestly." 

Normani Kordei Chats With JoJo While At Stars & Strikes
Normani Kordei Chats With JoJo While At Stars & Strikes
I love her!


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