Backstreet Boys Have a Tequila Brand & It's "Larger than Life"


You guys! I grew up on the Backstreet boys, they're part of the reason I'm a host on KIIS!

Look, There's a lot of competition out there when it comes to celebrity beverages. John Legend has an awesome wine brand LVE, its great. I love my wine. But this Backstreet Boy's tequila, Adios Mios! 

Yes you read correctly, the Backstreet Boys are launching a tequila brand. I no longer will feel "Incomplete" while indulging on a tequila sunrise with my Foxy.


The Backstreet Boys revealed this after a  performance at Cancun's Moon Palace resort. Nick Carter shared the news that they have a tequila venture that they just need a local partner in Mexico for!

It looks like true tequila can only be manufactured in the state of Jalisco, which makes sense why they are looking for a local partner. It shouldn't be hard for the Backstreet Boys to find one. Heck, maybe I could learn the tools of the trade if that means I'll be working with Nick Carter! 

This venture is going to be great for the local economy in Mexico and my Liquor cabinet! Vamos Backstreet Boys! We need this Asap.

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