How To Survive Camping At Coachella

If anyone has been to Coachella, you know how exhausting the 3 day festival really is, especially when you add camping into that mix. Not only do you sleep in a tent, but you also deal with the extremely hot temperatures during the day and the insane winds at night. If you chose to camp this year, check out this guide that will leave you a camping expert. 


#1: E-Z Ups

This definitely falls under the number one most important thing you can not forget to bring to Coachella. If you don't, you will literally be the only person there that doesn't have one and you will have absolutely no shade while you're hanging out in your camping spot throughout the day in the 100 degree weather. Just take our advice and splurge on that e-z up, you'll thank us later.

#2: Air Mattresses 

Air mattresses are the second most important thing to have while camping at Coachella because you are walking all around Coachella from stage to stage and standing all day and the last thing your body is going to want at the end of the day is to sleep on the ground. Although many people are fine with just sleeping in a sleeping bag, this is definitely something that is nice to have. 

#3: Sunscreen

If you don't have sunscreen at Coachella, this will be a huge, painful problem for you that can easily be avoided. Like we said, the temperatures are usually at least 100 degrees and you're going to be standing in the hot sun all day either at the camp site or at different sets, so do yourself a favor and make that purchase that will quite literally save your skin. 

#4: Snacks and Water

Snacks are super essential for your festival weekend so you aren't feeling faint and sick. Some smart snacks to pack are fruits, granola bars, peanut butter and bread and more. Anything that can keep you feeling healthy and hydrated are just what you need. Water is key for obvious reasons, be sure to pick up at least a couple cases especially if you're going with a bigger group. 

#5: Portable Chargers

If you don't have a portable charger by now, you NEED to invest in one before you leave for Coachella. These are also extremely convenient to have when you're phone is about to die and you're in the middle of a crowd waiting for a set to start. With these, you also don't have to worry about fighting for the car charger while hanging out at the camp site because you'll always have it handy on you. 

These are just a couple camping ideas that are crucial for your Coachella weekend if you want to be well prepared. What weekend are you planning on going to?



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