Next Up Artist of the Week: LIZ


Meet our #NextUp Artist of the Week: LIZ

LIZ is a self proclaimed "valley girl" from Los Angeles that made the jump from ballerina in her youth to bonafide pop-star today! Watch KIIS FM's EJ sit down with LIZ to talk about her music industry beginnings, transitioning from a major label to being an independent artist and the direction of her new music above. 

Between the ages of 12-13 LIZ caught the music industry bug. After auditioning to be a member of a girl group and connecting with a producer, she began her development as a solo artist - as she explains in her #NextUp interview. 


Some artists that sign to a major label get stuck in the machine after not achieving success by their standards. Back in 2015 LIZ dropped the social media smash When I Rule The World (produced by underground electronic music mastermind SOPHIE) to critical acclaim. Despite the cultural moment it created for pop-music and the internet, she was left in transition with her label and seeking another outlet for her music. 

Today the Queen of Me singer is now determined to make it on her own as an independent artist. As she explains with EJ, plans to release new material and visuals are in motion for later this year. She cites artists like Kim Petras and LAUV as examples of artists that are thriving independent from labels. If you've heard her new music - it won't be long before her name is listed as well. 

Check out LIZ's acoustic performances of the recently released Could U Love Me and the soon to be dropped Better below on the #NextUp stage. 

Catch up with LIZ's music here.

Get in touch with LIZ on social media: 

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