In Real Life Teaches JoJo The Choreography For "Tattoo"

When In Real Life stopped by the 102.7 KIIS FM studios for an exclusive interview with JoJo Wright, they got up to their usual crazy antics. Since winning the hit ABC show Boy Band in late 2017, In Real Life has been taking the world by storm.

The boys taught JoJo how to do the choreography for their latest single, "Tattoo." Do you think they'll be able to help him get the moves right? Check it out and see for yourself!


Band member Sergio Calderon took the lead first and started teaching JoJo how to do their signature lean, physically pushing JoJo's shoulders back. They tried it out all together and JoJo kept up with the band perfectly! NAILED IT.

Next, Michael Conor showed JoJo how to do a small stepping move. He explained it as, "this is the bottom of a cliff, you're like 'what's over here?' Oh, don't wanna go down there!" Once you've seen the dance move in the video, you'll know that he really did describe it perfectly!

The whole band jumped in to show JoJo how to throw it to the side, and this one seemed to be second nature to JoJo.

On their own, each move was relatively easy for JoJo to catch on and keep up with the band. It was only once they threw all the dance moves together into a routine that JoJo got a little bit lost! 

Overall, the finished product after JoJo's dance lesson was pretty good, especially for such a quick rehearsal! The guys did a great job at coaching him, and we think with just a little bit more practice JoJo will fit into the band just fine.

While the boys were here, they also did a full interview with JoJo Wright inside the KIIS FM studios. They talked all about their current single "Tattoo" and revealed if they have a release date yet for their upcoming album! The guys were hilarious as they explained what it's like being followed by adoring fans, and how it feels to perform for a room full of straight-faced older men in suits. Check out the entire interview here!

So there you have it: In Real Life + JoJo Wright is America's next big dance crew. Did you try to learn the dance along with JoJo? Send us some videos on Twitter at @1027KIISFM! Also, let us know if you would take a dance class taught by In Real Life

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