Everybody Deserves Music

The mission of Everybody Deserves Music is to provide high quality after-school intervention and enrichment programs to at-risk teenagers living in low-income areas in Los Angeles. Through academic tutoring, mentoring, and focused music instruction, we will give students the tools and the confidence to succeed.

Adolescents who participated in a structured recreational music making (RMM) protocol as part of their rehabilitation process have demonstrated statistically significant improvements in school/work performance and behavior toward others. These structured music programs have also decreased depression, negative self-evaluation, and anger in at-risk teens.

The organization was founded not to replace or compete against already existing after-school programs, but to supplement them by offering students an amount of support that can only be achieved through a small student to teacher ratio. Different students have different needs. While some may benefit most from participating in a wide variety of activities in various subject areas, some benefit more from very intensive, specific instruction in one or two areas.


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