7 Fun and Easy Hairstyles for Coachella

Coachella is just one month away and the excitement has fully kicked in! Something cool about this festival is that your hair can make just as big of a statement as your outfit. Here are seven hairstyles that look awesome at Coachella, and are easy to achieve!

1. Colorful hair


Coachella is the perfect time to try out a fun color on your hair! Pink, purple, blue, red... there are so many ways you can go with this. There are even temporary hair dyes that wash out after a few days if you only want it for the festival! 

2. Glitter roots


Glitter roots look absolutely adorable at a festival and are so easy to achieve! As shown in this video, just mix some glitter and hair gel and you can paint it right on. This look is sure to have you sparkling in the Coachella Valley sunlight.

3. Space buns


This hairstyle looks like you put a ton of effort into it, but it's actually very simple. Section your hair into two small pony tails on top of your head, tease the hair, twist it around until it's as messy as you like and secure it with a bobby pin. It's that easy!

4. Two messy braids


Messy braids are perfect for Coachella because they complete your "effortless" look, plus they keep your hair out of your face! It gets hot at the festival, and keeping your hair off of your neck is a major plus. Add some loose curls to the end of your braids and you've mastered this simple yet cute hairstyle.

5. A knotted bandana


Sometimes all it takes to tie your look together is the right accessory. Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill proved that simplicity is key when she tied a red banana in her hair at Coachella! She also added some loose waves throughout to complete the look. Tie the bandana on top to give the illusion of a bow!

6. Sleek high pony


Demi Lovato knows how to rock a slicked back high ponytail, and this look is perfect for Coachella. It's fierce yet practical! This is probably the easiest look yet — just flip your head over, throw your hair in a rubber band and you're good to go.

7. Half up top knot


A half up top knot is another hairstyle that's great for keeping your hair out of your face. It's easily achieved — just follow the same steps from the space bun tutorial but you only have to do it once! Voila, Coachella ready.

Those are just a few hairstyles that look cute and are so easy for Coachella! Now the hard part: deciding which one we want to wear...

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