Jimmy Kimmel Live's Guillermo Remakes 'God's Plan'

Drake recently gave away $1 million in his music video for "God's Plan," and Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live! was so inspired that he decided to recreate the video.

The only difference was that Guillermo only had $100 to give away. He did what any logical person would do... took the $100 and gave $1 each to customers in the 99 Cents Only Store. Check out the video!


The video starts off with Guillermo going into the 99 Cents Only Store and announcing through a megaphone, "Hi everybody, listen! Today is your lucky day. I'm gonna buy you one thing, and only one thing, from only 99 cents. Okay? So forget about pineapples. It has to be 99 cents, okay? You're welcome!" 

Apparently the pineapples that were $1.99 were too big of a splurge for Guillermo's budget!

The parody video is absolutely hilarious, featuring Guillermo handing multiple customers a $1 bill, saying "you're welcome" and walking away. All of the customers in the store look incredibly confused, and it only makes the video better. 

Guillermo even makes it rain $1 bills on a customer after they opened an umbrella! Another generous offer from Guillermo consisted of him gifting a shopping cart to a woman outside the store — it was equipped with a bow and all.

To top it off, the video is referred to as "G's Plan" at the end.


In case you missed the original, check out Drake's video for "God's Plan." While Guillermo's parody is funny, Drake's video is very powerful and inspiring. He is seen going up to families and simply handing them stacks of money, free food, cars and more. The smiles and tears that he brings to their faces are incredible.


What did you think of Guillermo's parody? Did he do the original video justice?

Drake Gave Away $1 Million Dollars In His "God's Plan" Music Video (WATCH)
Drake Gave Away $1 Million Dollars In His "God's Plan" Music Video (WATCH)
This video is SO great.


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