Iggy Azalea Stopped By KIIS FM!

Iggy Azalea stopped by 102.7 KIIS FM a few weeks ago, and things got a little crazy in our game of "Save or Sacrifice," based on her newest single "Savior" featuring Quavo.


In the game, Azalea was given two topics, objects, songs etc. and forced to choose between the two.

The first choice was between LA and New York, and she chose LA because she can't handle New York winters. Relatable!

After referring to pizza and chicken nuggets as her children, Azalea sacrificed chicken nuggets due to the fact that they need to be dipped in sauce, while pizza has its own sauce. "Sorry chicken!"

When choosing between sacrificing Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, Azalea was forced to give Harry Potter the ax. "Game of Thrones has much more episodes, so I can binge watch that for probably an entire holiday season."


Azalea sacrificed dating apps rather than blind dates, but notes that she has never participated in either.

The most hard-hitting question was about her music. Would Azalea sacrifice "Fancy" or "Team?" Azalea chose to hypothetically get rid of "Fancy," even after all of its success. 

When speaking about "Team," Azalea said, "I really like that I was able to do that song on my own, and have the confidence to sing the chorus. I didn't have that confidence in 'Fancy.'" You go girl!


Another tough one: would she save Clueless or Mean Girls? Azalea went with Clueless because "that's the OG and without Clueless we probably wouldn't even have Mean Girls."

Finally, when choosing between saving puppies or horses, Azalea chose horses immediately. She had a list of reasons, including the fact that horses jump over things, wear extensions, can wear glitter headbands and don't have to be house trained. All valid points!


Azalea's latest single "Savior" featuring Quavo comes from her upcoming album, Surviving the Summer, which is set to be released this year!

"Savior" has already had massive success and was featured in a Superbowl ad for Monster.

In the commercial, a young boy (played by YouTube personality Ricegum) sees Azalea singing outside of a subway stop and is so inspired that he decides to build himself a pair of headphones. "Savior" sets the tone for the entire commercial! 


It's looking like 2018 is going to be a big year for Iggy Azalea! Her last album, The New Classic, came out in 2014, so we can't wait for some new music this year. We hope to see a lot more of Azalea in 2018! 

While we wait to see what else she gets up to, check out the lyric video for "Savior" featuring Quavo.



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