Sleepwalking Student Calls 911 And Causes a School Shutdown

A middle school student broke into his school at 2:30 a.m. and caused a massive security scare. 

Wendover Middle School in Greensburg, Pennsylvania was so worried about how he got in and why he was there that they canceled school the next day!


What seemed as if it could have been a potentially harmful security breach was really just a big misunderstanding. While it was concerning that someone broke into the school, the culprit turned out to be a confused young boy.

According to CBS, the student lived four miles from his school and had apparently walked there in his sleep. 

He had broken in through a screen over the window and walked around the school for 15 minutes before waking up and realizing where he was. He immediately called the police on himself!


While this security breach would have been concerning at any time, the school has been on high alert after a 13-year-old male student allegedly threatened to shoot a female student. He has since been arrested. However, the school was very on edge and wanted to make sure that the "sleepwalker" was not there causing any trouble.

After confirming that these incidences were not related, the school was deemed safe and classes resumed the following day. 

According to a letter released on the school district's website, they are looking into the security procedures being used on the middle school campus. 

"Safety is a priority and we will continue to review and improve our practices in this regard," said Tammy W. Wolicki, the superintendent of schools.


Sleepwalking is not always fun and games or something as simple as just walking. According to Ranker, there have been many instances of people killing others while sleepwalking! Many people have been let off free after murdering their family members simply because it was concluded that they were not awake when they did it.

While it is questionable in some of the cases whether they were truly asleep or not, it's still scary to think that something this drastic can be done, all while you are unconscious and unaware that you are even up.

Thankfully the middle school sleepwalker only took a stroll around his school!


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