McDonald's Brings Back 'Rick and Morty' Szechuan Sauce

Rick and Morty fans rejoice! The legendary szechuan sauce is making a return to McDonald's next month, and in a big way.

The limited edition tangy sauce was available in 1998 to promote the Disney movie "Mulan," and after the television show Rick and Morty recently popularized it again, the restaurant chain decided to bring it back. However, its comeback in October 2017 was a bit of a fail: they ran out of the sauce almost immediately and thousands of angry fans rioted across the country.

To make up for last year's lack of supplies, McDonald's is going to bring back 20 million packets of it on February 26, according to Vice. Yes, you read that right. 20 MILLION.


The episode created a frenzy as fans were desperate to try the sauce that the show spoke so highly of. October 7, 2017 consisted of many McDonald's locations being targeted for not having enough sauce. One video shows a group of over 1,000 angry fans chanting "we want sauce" when McDonald's only had 70 packets to offer.


Vice even spoke to fans that had waited for the sauce, and some of them had waited up to five hours.

Last October's supply of szechuan sauce was highly sought after and only available for one day. Thankfully they have a much larger quantity being made this February, so maybe if you can't get there on the first day, you can still get some later! But honestly, we doubt it. The power of Rick and Morty fans appears to be very strong. 


Considering how many fans were met with disappoint last time, we can only hope for a better outcome next month. These fans even came from Canada to try the sauce, but found out it was unavailable.


Other fans created signs using the hashtag #GiveUsTheSauce, but to no avail.


One fan even went above and beyond the normal protest. He jumped on the counter screaming "I'm Pickle Rick" when no sauce was available.


We're so glad that McDonald's is keeping their word to make things right with all the disappointed Rick and Morty fans who missed out on szechuan sauce last time! Be on the lookout for it starting February 26.


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