Avocado Proposals Are Taking Instagram By Storm!

Millennials are constantly under fire for their love of avocados, but this has taken things to the next level. Many young people are using avocados in replacement of a ring box to propose to their loved ones!


This proposal is perfect for any foodie, vegan or plain old avocado lover. People are going crazy over this new trend — over 10 thousand people have liked the photo that Food Deco posted on their Instagram!

Some people are just beginning to catch on to this unique trend, but other Instagram users such as Taylor Selby appear have been way ahead of the game. Her fiancé proposed with an avocado a year and a half ago!


Another Instagram user is a photographer named Kim Tyler, and she just happened to have her camera out when one man popped the question using an avocado.


Another Instagram user even referred to this technique as "every hippie girl's dream proposal." Sounds about right!


We're not sure exactly why millennials are always connected to avocados, but this topic seems to keep coming back around. A multimillionaire named Tim Gurner even said that if millennials want to get rich, they need to stop spending all their money on "smashed avocado."

However, this advice is not stopping the avocado craze.

While some millennials are out spending their extra cash on avocado toast, this new proposal technique is bound to save you some money on a ring box! 

Have an avocado tree? Grab one from your backyard and you're all set to get down on one knee.


I don't know about you guys, but we are loving these avocado proposals. What fruit or vegetable will be used in a proposal next?

Would you say "I do" to someone proposing with an avocado?



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