6 Ways To Treat Your Pet For National Love Your Pet Day!

It's National Love Your Pet Day! In honor of this adorable holiday, we've come up with some ways to treat your pet for their special day!


1. Take your pet to a nice spa and get them groomed.

One of the best ways to treat your pet is simply to make sure they are clean and feel their best. Take them somewhere like The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa! According to their website, they are a 50,000 square foot luxurious pet-care resort. They even have limos for your pet. Sounds incredible for a pamper day!

If you don't want to go all out for this extreme pamper treatment, your pet will thank you after being cleaned by any normal groomer as well. It's the thought that counts!

2. Go to a cool dog park or beach.

Taking your dog somewhere like Lake Hollywood Park ensures that they'll have a great time, and they'll also look like a star in front of the Hollywood sign! It's not an off-leash park though, so keep your pet close.

There are no dog beaches located directly in Los Angeles, but if you drive to Long Beach you can go to Rosie's Dog Beach. Here's the perfect place that you can let your dog roam free!


3. Buy them a pupcake from Sprinkles.

Go all out and get your pet a special human-like treat that they haven't had before. Give them to a "pupcake" from Sprinkles! They are sugar-free and topped with yogurt. And as a bonus, you can treat yourself to a cupcake while you're there. It's a win-win situation!


4. Get them a Puppuccino!

The internet went crazy when they first learned that Starbucks serves "Puppuccinos." We have since found out that it's simply a cup of whipped cream, but dogs love it!


5. Go to Zoom Room.

According to their website, Zoom Room is an indoor canine event center. There is a ton going on in here from training to socializing. Take your dog in to socialize and run free. There will be plenty of other dogs so they can have fun, and you can chat with all the other owners.

They even throw Doggy Disco Parties!

6. Take them swimming at Two Hands Four Paws!

Two Hands Four Paws is a canine physical rehabilitation center in Los Angeles. Their main goal is to help dogs that have any sort of pain or are overweight. 

However, they also offer fun swim every Wednesday, and on the first and third Sunday of each month!

Take your pup here to have some fun splashing around. Look how cute it is!


No matter what, your pet will have a great National Love Your Pet Day if you simply spend time with them. That's all they really want!


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