Passenger Films 'Demonic' Child On 8-Hour Flight

I'm sure we have all been on flights where young children cry for a little while. Sure, it can get annoying, but it eventually lets up. This wasn't the case on a Lufthansa flight.

One child was not having it on an 8-hour flight from Germany to New Jersey. The boy screamed throughout the entire flight, and a passenger on board filmed the entire thing. The video has reached over a million views on YouTube already.


According to Inquisitr, New York artist Shane Townley was the angry passenger who filmed and posted the video, referring to the boy as "demonic."

Before the flight had even taken off, the child was climbing on top of seats and grabbing at the roof, all while screaming at the top of his lungs. His mother tells flight attendants, "let's get the wifi going so we can get the iPad going," presumably to distract the young boy.

After the flight took off, the extreme distractions only got worse. The boy then began to wander up and down the aisles, screaming as he made his way through the plane. His mother remains very calm and simply asks him to come back, while other passengers are seen glaring and covering their ears.


Townley captioned part of his video, "mom lets the kid do what ever he wants throughout the flight." 

The video eventually ends with the passengers quickly exiting the plane — happy to escape the noisy child. One passenger leaving is heard saying, "what a nightmare, oh my god - eight hours of screaming."

While some viewers are claiming that the mother is a bad parent for not stopping her child, others say that kids will be kids and point out how difficult it can be to stop a child throwing a tantrum. 

A source told the Daily Mail that the boy has some sort of disability, it is just not revealed what. A Lufthansa spokesman told them, "our crew worked around-the-clock to de-escalate the situation, tend to all passengers and assist the mother." No further comment was available due to the "individual's medical privacy."



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