The Blind Dance Company

There are approximately 285 million visually-impaired people in the world and about 90% of them live in low-income settings. These facts are due to the lack of opportunities available within the community for the disabled. Something as familiar as sight can suddenly be gone due to a rare disease, cancer, diabetes, or even unexplained circumstances. Dance -- The BDC has brought hope and confidence back into the lives of its dancers to new heights never imagined. The BDC recently sold out its first showcase of 200 seats in downtown Los Angeles and was featured in multiple media outlets under a non-profit organization. After a high demand from the audience and its members for continuation, we've decided to form our own non-profit organization. So much goes into this process behind-the-scenes, but with your help the process will be much smoother. Funding is the biggest piece to molding the BDC into what it is truly meant to become.The BDC aims to create an artistic outlet within the blind community that allows the visually impaired an opportunity to perform, create and inspire. We don't stop at shows; our dancers aspire to travel, compete in different dance styles, and use individual creativity to showcase numerous talents through their ability to perform without sight.


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