Troye Sivan Performs On The KIIS Stage!

Troye Sivan is back! After premiering his new song MYMYMY! with JoJo Wright on 102.7 KIIS FM last month, Troye's been performing his music on stages all across the country. You might have caught him on SNL, The Ellen Show and now here - on the KIIS Stage


Troye started his performance by taking questions from the audience. When asked what qualities or lessons he's learned from his fans over the past couple years, he responded "I think a lot of my sense of humor comes from you guys" calling his fans the "funniest people in the world." 


Almost on cue an audience member asked if any of the new music would feature emotional more intimate themes and Troye began his set with The Good Side - a song inspired by his most recent break up. 


Following up The Good Side was MYMYMY! - a complete 180 degree switch in sentiment and it's upbeat style. Clearly a crowd-pleaser. 


Troye Sivan's yet-untitled sophomore album doesn't have a release date yet - but you can enjoy the rest of his discography on the iHeartRadio app! 


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