Trial Lawyers' Charities (TLC)

In 2006 a small group of Los Angeles trial lawyers for the people, consumer attorneys who fight for justice on behalf of the great people in our City of Los Angeles, embarked on a new way to serve our community beyond their roles as attorneys. Inspired by this concept of doing charitable works in our local communities, these lawyers channeled their passion for justice towards improving the conditions of the oppressed and underserved, enhancing education, safety, access to shelter and opportunities. Founded by trial lawyers who cared deeply about social justice and improving our great city, LATLC was born.

LATLC went to the heart of the problems plaguing the inner city and sought to help children be safe and have access to great education. LATLC saw the reality that Los Angeles was the home to the largest homeless community in America and committed to change that, providing relief to those who have no place to stay. LATLC sought to help survivors of abuse, pregnant teenagers, troubled youths, and make Los Angeles better and better. Lawyers-- young and old, diverse in ethnicity, religion, practices and where they lived in the County-- remained committed to the cause for positive change.


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