Lucky Charms & Frosted Flakes Cereal Really Does Exist !!

I think I speak for everyone if we had a box of Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes in the kitchen pantry we mashed them up in one bowl ! Now General Mills has made it a lot easier where we can just purchase one box with the two together. Now why didn't we think of pitching this idea to them years ago?? ughh we are so sleeping on these money making ideas, ok but for reals where can we get this cereal ?? it's not available at all wide variety stores just yet not even on their website but if you have a Shop Rite store near you in States like Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and if you are around the San Bernardino area they have one there too but what's up with Tony the Tiger not being in the Box cover too I'm a bit bummed out about that .

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