Facebook New Changes To Your News Feed It Will Demote "Engagement Bait"


'Like' this for a chance at $10,000 or Share this post with friends for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii how annoying is this right oh Facebook it's a love and hate relationship. Now Facebook is finally making some changes to your news feed that will demote "engagement bait" or post that try to take advantage of Facebook's system by asking users for likes and comments.

It will begin demoting individual post from people and pages that use this tactic , Facebook hasn't revealed exactly how severe the consequences will be for the publishers that do this but Facebook's goal is to clear the News Feed of content that's "spammy", sensational, or misleading." 

I am so glad they are finally doing this now can they work on taking out the 'POKE' button ? yeah that would be knarley !

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