Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

Holidays are jam packed full of fun, but there's some things that aren't so fun for our pets. 


Here's a quick list of things you can do to keep your pets safe this season during all the partying:

  1. Sharing your food: its not horrible to share your tasty feast with your pets, but just be mindful of what you're actually feeding them. Stay clear of excessive portions of poultry, rich meats and gravy. These can cause upset their tummies, cause diarrhea, and potentially painful pancreas problems due to the high fat contents of these foods contain. Not to say you have to deprive them, a bite or two is fine, make sure to keep portions small.
  2. Avoid dangerous treats:  we all enjoy those delicious treats and can't help but share them when our pets beg and give you 'the puppy eyes' But, SAY NO! A lot of ingredients that are okay for us, are dangerous and can be fatal for our pets. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, onions, artificial sweeteners like xylitol, raw bread dough and even alcohol are no bueno!
  3. Be aware of dangerous decor: we all love to decorate our houses during the holidays, and sometimes we can go over the top. Be careful and aware of the type of decor you put out that are in reach of your pets. For example, salted-dough ornaments, glass and Styrofoam ornaments an be extremely hazardous if ingested. Oddly, tinsel is really bad for cats. You know cats, they love things that hang, dangle, sparkle or anything they can smack with their paws. Stay clear of tinsel! All pets are curious, so be mindful that your beautiful Christmas tree won't topple down on them if they 'accidentally' knock it. 
  4. Automotive Hazards: antifreeze is usually used during the cold months, but it can cause kidney failure for in both cats and dogs.
  5. Plugs & Cords: make sure your plugs and cords are secure, because our curious pets may chew them and burn themselves or spark a fire if yanked hard.
  6. Poisonous holiday plants: mistletoe, pine needles, poinsettias, lilies, holly are obviously common for Christmas, but are super bad for your pets if ingested and can cause illness.
  7. Guest stress: our pets are sensitive and can get overwhelmed very easily!! Try to make sure you are petting them, giving them love, talking to them as much as you can without deterring from your guests, to make them feel like things are normal to keep them calm. We don't want them to act out or get all antsy. Make them feel comfortable.
  8. Glamorous gifts: we love to spoil our pets with lavish gifts. Majority are pet-friendly, but just make sure you just check on them occasionally to make sure they're okay.
  9. Wrapping: papers, strings, ribbons, cloths and tinsel are fun for they pets to play with to keep them occupied, but they can become hazardous if they're swallowed.

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