Disney Buys 21st Century Fox For $52.4 Billion!

Disney and 21st Century Fox are about to become Disney-Fox with the buyout from Disney.

Is this really a shocker? We all know VOD and streaming services have been financially hurting the studios, networks, movie theaters and companies over the years. Disney has decided to buy part of Fox promising to enhance and reshape the media industry, while trying to defend themselves against VOD streaming services like Netflix & Hulu. 

Disney is already one of the largest conglomerates and adding Fox to mix...they will be dominating the media industry. Disney-Fox means to put pressure on those VOD services but it will also pressure the competing studios. They will have no choice but to merge in order to keep up with the huge Disney-Fox conglomerate or they'll go under. Disney, though trying to keep up with the competition from digital VOD streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, are expected to build their own OTT services packed with all the 21st Century Fox and Disney's libraries.


21st Century Fox along with FX, some regional Fox Sports channels and National Geographic will be the only stations/networks included in this billion dollar deal. Disney will also obtain the stakes in Hulu & European pay-TV service Sky, which Fox currently owns. The Fox broadcasting network, Fox News Channel and some national sport broadcasting will be spun off to its shareholders.

Disney owns ESPN, which has seen a decrease in viewership since digital streaming platforms. Now, Disney will have an up on those streaming services with having more of those eyeballs on "their" content, with the purchase of some Fox's sports networks.


The deal won't be effective until June, but we can all just expect the best of whatever viewing services the smart, creative and monetizing minds on Disney-Fox.

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