Elvis Duran Wants To See Jake Miller At The Next Jingle Ball

KIIS FM's Freddy Rivera ran into New York Z100's Elvis Duran backstage at Jingle Ball 2017, and asked, "What up-and-coming artist would you love to see on tour this year?"

"You know who I love and has been around for a while? Jake Miller," Duran answered. "He's amazing, he's really talented. You know who else is great? Austin Mahone. The guy's got 10 million dollars on Instagram, he's got a huge fan base, but you know record company politics get in the way sometimes." 

Watch the full interview above.

If you missed out on all the action, consider this your holiday gift. You'll be able to relive the night on The CW during a special 90-minute broadcast on December 14th and 25th at 8 p.m. ET/PT -- so put on your Santa hats, grab some gingerbread cookies, and tune in!