Walmart's New Scan & Go App Means Saying Goodbye To Check Out Lines


Walmart gets us !! I mean we hate waiting in line to pay for our goods so they are rolling out with a new technology in its stores that lets shoppers scan and pay for their items without checkout lanes , registers and cashiers.

It will be so super simple all you have to do is download Walmart's "Scan & Go" app then scan the barcode of the items you want to purchase , then click the button to pay and show the digital receipt to the store greeter  on the way out the door.

Amazon did reveal that they had plans in December to introduce a similar technology on its own grocery concept called Amazon Go which they still are in the planning phases but Walmart beat them to it.

Not everyone owns a smartphone and that's why the store will also be providing hand-held scanners there is just so many cool options like if you don't want to link up a credit card to their Scan & Go accounts cause we are always scared our info will get leaked out somewhere .

Walmart has already started this in more than a dozen stores already but no word in California just yet we are on it for sure !!

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