Star Wars Pop-Up Bar Has Landed To LA

posted by Letty B - 

For a limited time The Dark Side Bar is taking over the Los Angeles area with a Star Wars themed bar and for a limited time only so now through Jan 14th .

The Star Wars pop up bar has taken over already in New York City , Washington D.C and now LA they are charging per person about $33 to make reservations and it include two signature cocktails.

You can dress up in a costume but its not required , the bar has nightly events and parties like DJ nights, triva, speed dating and other entertaining games you can even dance with Darth Vader,  so for all you Star Wars Fans May The Force Be With You... for more infor click here

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Don’t drink and drive! Storm troopers are on the watch tonight. #thedarksidebarny #darksidebar #nyc #stormtrooper #starwars #cometothedarkside

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Don’t let Darth Vader dance alone tonight!!! #cometothedarkside #starwars #nyc #darksidebar #la #dc #nightlife #darkside #darthvader #dance #friday

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