Freakshakes Are Coming To Disneyland!

Am I dreaming or is this a real thing?

Ice cream, cakes, cookies, brownies, cereal, cotton candy & the list goes on! Anything you can possibly think of all in and on a milkshake! Freaky? Yes, that's why they're called Freakshakes!


New York based craft burger joint Black Tap is making its way to Anaheim's Downtown Disney District next year. Specializing in over the top burgers, craft beer & their massive milkshakes called 'Freakshakes', Black Tap is super excited to partner with Disney to be apart & create more memories for guests, as are we!

Calories don't count when you're at Disneyland right? Ha! 


Black Tap expanded to Vegas earlier this year and is coming even close this coming up year. Although partnering with Disney, Black Tap's delicious food, tasty beers and sugar packed milkshakes will be available in the Downtown Disney District with free admission so you can visit as much as you want! What a better way to make Disney more magical. I cannot wait to see what if they offer Vegan options now that they've expanded!

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