Dv8's Annual Turkey Soup Food Drive - get $5 off

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means it’s the time of the year to pause and be grateful for all that we have.  We are going to spread the love this turkey season with our annual Turkey Soup Food Drive at DV8 this Saturday night.  Donate 1 NON-PERISHABLE food item at the door and get $5 off your entry!!  (Limit 1 per person)  Join DJ Lezlee along with your host, KIIS-FM’s  Chuey Martinez for #SoldOutSaturdays.  Come early and bring all your friends this Saturday night where you’ll dance to 150,000 watts of breathtaking bass…150 dazzling LED lights….Go Go Dancers and so much more!!!  Joins us as we broadcast “LIVE” all night long.  DV8….4th Floor of Hollywood & Highland.    Open 10PM to 3 AM.  For more info go to kiisfm.com  Keyword:  DV8 or Facebook.com/ClubDV8LA.  We’ll see you there!!  To pre order tickets use promo code: TURKEYK


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