Drake Collects Birkins For His Future Wife


As far as we know Champagne Papi is single but in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter the rapper revealed how he is preparing for The One. 

Drake deflected questions about his love life by sharing that he has been buying Birkin bags to gift to "the woman I end up with."



How many bags does he have? Did he customize them to say "Mrs. Graham"? UGH

We love that Drake is a hopeless romantic who can't wait to give his beloved purses that are reportedly a better investment than the stock market. 

Drake going the distance for the one he loves isn't news to us though. We got a taste of his romantic ways during the RiRi days. 

Exhibit A: 


He also seems to give 110% to anything he loves. 

Exhibit B: 


We can't wait for Drake to find his wife: 

1. He just has so much love to give! 

2. Think of how EXTRA the wedding will be...

But also #TeamRake forever.. 



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