Sweet Places to visit on National Dessert Day

It's National Dessert Day! While we could give you restaurants that will give you a free dessert if you sign  up for their newsletter, here are some underrated dessert places in LA that you should try out. 

If you're a fan of authentic Mexican style ice cream (helado), with chamoy and fresh fruit, this is the place for you. Elado is an up and coming ice cream parlor that's expanding its stores from the inland empire to Orange County. They expanded their menu to include Mexican desserts, such as churros, conchas, and horchata smoothies. 


The Beignet Truck has been making its mark on LA, since 2013. They bring a New Orleans feel to any place they stop in LA with their beignets that they make fresh everyday. 


A fan of s'mores? A fan of pies? Well The Pie Hole in LA has combined the two to create the S'mores Pie. As seen below you can tell they put a lot of detail into their pies. 


Mercado's is known for it's flan. People have waited in line for HOURS for this flan, and if you haven't tried the legendary dessert, why not try it on National Dessert day! 



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