Starbucks Reveals New Bottled Almond Milk Beverages!

I seriously cannot wait for these!  It's so perfect for those Starbucks lovers, like me, who prefer a simple dairy alternative.

 Bottled Frappuccino's in classic mocha & vanilla flavors with almond milk and the new fav-- Cold Brew, unsweetened sweetened and in a new vanilla & fig flavor. What I'm most excited about is these Doubleshot Coffee Smoothies made with real fruit & almond milk. Plus-- they come in two flavors: Dark Chocolate Banana & Vanilla Honey Banana.


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 Yummm, sounds like heaven! These new drinks are made with non-dairy almond milk, but are not clearly marketed as "non-dairy" or "dairy-free" so those with severe dairy allergies may still want to take precaution.

 Unfortunately, we won't be able to get our hands on these until 2018.  It'll definitely be worth the wait!

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