Happy Birthday Champagne Papi!

On his 31st birthday, we look back at Drake's transformation; from Degrassi to hanging with BBWs. Here are some photos to look back on his stunning years.

Around age 5, Drake was still serving looks while wearing a thick sweater, sweats, and bulky skates. 


We see that Drake has always had his big cheesy smile!


Fast forwarding to the Degrassi days where Drake, or shall we say Jimmy, was hanging out with his high school friends and trying to stay out of drama, yet also being the drama.  


After Degrassi Drake went on to pursue his singing career releasing his first album Thank Me Later and starting his own label 'October's Very Own'. This shot him into the Billboard's Top 40 artists. 


2017 Drake is now an award winning artist who has made the cover of Billboard and GQ magazine. He's gone from being the adorable kid in skates to being one of the most notable faces in Hollywood. 


Happy Birthday Drake! 



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