UPS Drivers Share Pics Of Dogs They Meet On Their Routes!

Everyone knows the big, brown UPS truck--even our furry friends. 

While we anxiously await packages, our furry friends anticipate a warm, friendly driver bearing with love and most importantly their favorite treats! 

Long time UPS driver, Sean McCarren not only looks forward to his job everyday, but to see old and meet new pets along the way. With reoccurring deliveries, these drivers build relationships they can't help but love. 

He started a page called UPS Dogs where you can catch up with these furries along their route and social media is eating up the cuteness! Drivers can also add to the page with their own four-legged experiences.

More on Letty B!


Another seasoned UPS driver Jeff Skender joins in on the action and posts his experiences with his neighborhood pups--even ones who grow their families. Skender does point out they don't discriminate and have some feline friends as well. 

"I know my customers pretty well, but I know their dogs even better..."



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