Starbucks New Drink 'The Vampire Frappuccino'

I know that we still love the Pumpkin Spice lattes but let's just put that to the side for a bit and make way for The Vampire Frappuccino !

I do have some bad news ... the Vampire Frapp is not available here in the US ( aww sad face) but if you live  in Singapore, Sweden and Norway you can order yourself one.

It's not  the end of the world, if you are chummy with your Barista you can ask him or her  to make you one quite similar, order up a chocolate-based Frapp, such as the mocha or the double chocolate chip creme, and ask for a drizzle of strawberry sauce — a standard ingredient for the strawberries and crème Frappuccino — on top , this sounds so yummy!

More on Letty B!


Maybe it will make it's way to the US you never know!



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