5 Times Kim K was Hilarious on Instagram

Kim Kardashian is known her for her fashion forward outfits, her amazing hair and makeup, and how she rebranded herself as the #GirlWithNoTalent to a successful entrepreneur that made the cover of Forbes magazine. 

What many people may not know is that Kim K is actually funny. Like, really funny. Here are some of her hilarious Instagram posts and captions. 

When her aunt saw her wearing this revealing top and freaked out, so she censored it.


When she can laugh about how short she is. (She's 5'3!)


When she posted this photo of her chillin in Cabo.


When she can laugh about her ugly crying face.


When she shared the origin of the Kim K hair flip, while also casually throwing shade at the other girls in the photo (including her sister Kourtney!)



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