Nose Hair Extensions & Ponytail Eyebrows Is The Latest Trend Right Now!

Have we gone too far with all these trends or are we just bored ? anything for the Gram right?

I have seen some ridiculus trends lately  but these two are just WRONG!! the Nose Hair Extensions are the false eyelashes formed into a circle and struck at the brink of each of the nostril wouldn't it itch your nose? 

The other trend is actually quite funny I love me a nice ponytail when I'm having a bad hair day but not on my eyebrows !! at least the make-up artist  on the photo was trying to make an effort to take a stand against these viral eyebrow trends the ponytail was actually photo shopped and if you ask me I like it when my eyebrows are on FLEEK! and we will not be jumping on these trends at all !

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 That's a lot of nose hair, I wonder if they find it hard to breath.. Ladies can we not?



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