Breaker/Broken (Stories of the Heart)

From the ashes of her own breakup, host Michelle Miracle created a stage where people tell true tales of their own heartbreaking moments. Every month, a different mix of actors, writers, comics and storytellers open their wounds and let us in- finding humor and healing along the way.  

Each show offers a balanced mix of performers and topics- from written essays about the loss of a life-long pet to off-the-cuff raw emotion about a breakup that happened yesterday. A unique show in the landscape of LA’s storytelling scene, writers are encouraged to share things they’ve never talked about onstage. If you are inspired to tell a story of your own, you’re invited to put your name in the bucket for a chance get on stage and get it off your chest!  (One lucky audience member story at every show). 

You never know what you’re going to get- and you may never hear it again.The lineup is going to be announced soon and it is going to be amazing, so stay tuned! As always ALSO---+ one lottery spot for a brave audience member with a story to tell! We can’t control when the heartbreaking moments happen, but at least we can get through it together.

HOURS / TICKETS / PARKINGDoors at 7:30pm show at 8pm. $10 in advance, $12 at the door.$2 for 2 hour validated parking at the Hollywood and Highland parking lot.


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