3 Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Your Pet!

 Halloween isn't just for kids anymore, now our pets can get in on the fun too!

And since our pets are not clued into what Halloween is, let's help them celebrate. Here are three ways to include your furry friend.

I know I'll be doing some of these with Foxy and Chester! I can't wait!

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    1) You can host a pet-only costume party!

 Invite your pup's or cat's friends over and have a party full of good music and yummy treats while dressed in cute costumes. Send you guests home with a doggy bag decorated with Halloween stickers and filled with pet friendly treats.


    2) You can arrange a neighborhood Halloween parade! 

 Go door to door and have everyone head to the local park. To make it even more exciting, ask local businesses to donate prizes for "best costume!"


    3) Like scary movies? Host a movie night!

 Have a movie night set up with lots of comfy pillows and blankets so you can snuggle up with your pup! Make a concession stand area with popcorn and candy for yourself and bones and cookies for your furry movie buddy. Make sure to schedule in some "poddy" breaks!


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