Simon Cowell's Most Savage Moments

Simon Cowell is turning 57 this year, and we look back on those years he spent judging for America Idol, making dreams come true, and above all else- insulting people. Here are some of Simon Cowell's most savage moments. 


During the 2008 season of the X factor UK, Holly Jervis auditioned with "Big, Blonde, and Beautiful," from the musical Hairspray. She did horribly. But it wasn't her singing that made her audition tank, it was her mouth. Simon commented with, "Holly, your mouth is far far too big when you sing. It was like looking into a cave. And because your mouth is so big, this weird noise comes out of it."


Simply when he told a contestant that his singing was, "A new form of torture." 


Back on Season 2 of The X Factor, Simon Cowell was judging with singer, Demi Lovato. After an audition Simon asked the contestant if he had any dogs and he responded with, "Yes his name is Paul Newman." And Simon said, "If I had a dog I'd call it Demi." After a moment of shock Demi responded with, "If I had a pig I'd name it Simon!" Ouch...


During Season 9 of American Idol, Simon Cowell referred to Vanessa Johnstone's audition as his worst nightmare. "Vanessa, If anyone in my life asks me what my nightmares sound like, I'm going to refer to THAT. That's what keeps me up at night.


Simon gave an American Idol contestant some legal advice saying, "Do you have a singing teacher? Get a lawyer and sue her."


Oh Simon. We appreciate your honesty, your sass, and quick witted comments. Happy Birthday!



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