Happy National Boyfriend Day!

In celebration of National Boyfriend Day, here are some of the cutest celebrity boyfriends that make us wishing they were still on the market!

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez. The couple began dating January 2017 and it looks like Gomez has never been happier. After being diagnosed with lupus and enduring a kidney transplant this year, Gomez says that she enjoys the company that has gotten her through this tough time. In an interview with E! News Gomez says, "I love being supportive. I love just being there and having someone's back. It feels good. I haven't had that feeling in awhile."


Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn. The two met in high school! Seaborn was Sheeran's high school crush, but Seaborn left to North Carolina to attend Duke University, while Sheeran stayed in their hometown. Seaborn inspired the song, "Perfect," on Sheeran's third album Divide. “Perfect’ was the first song that I wrote for the album, It was inspired by Cherry." The two have been dating for over a year, and the love gets stronger. Sheeran gave Seaborn his shoes when her feet began to hurt in those stylish heels. 


Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell. Powell is known for this role in Scream Queens and Dobrev for The Vampire Diaries. The two began dating in January 2017 and have been going strong. Powell dressed as Sebastian to go along with Dobrev's La La Land themed birthday party. Lord knows women love a man who goes along with a themed party!


Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid. Hadid and Malik began dating in 2015 after her split from Joe Jonas and his engagement from Perrie Edwards. The two have been in numerous photo shoots, music videos, and Instagram photos together. Where Zayn takes the cake for best celebrity boyfriend is when he posts a photo of Hadid in her Tommy Hilfiger designs wishing her good luck on her Gigi X Tommy capsule show in NYC. What's better than a hot boyfriend? A supportive one!



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