Taco Bell & Forever 21 Collab Is Coming Soon

 Taco Bell and Forever 21's  collab might just be what your closet is in need this fall, and they just announced a line Forever 21 X Taco Bell.

The line will include clothes for men and women that feature everything from eye-popping graphics to subtle patches that alert those around you to your taco fandom.

The full collection will feature tops, cropped hoodies, body suits, as well as sweatshirts and an anorak jacket. All of the looks will debut on October 10 in an event for fans in downtown L.A. and will be available for purchase on October 11 only in select U.S. stores and online.

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The collection features Taco Bell's super fan Andrew McBurnie, remember he had his senior pictures done at Taco Bell ? yeah he's now super internet famous !

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