5 Things You Didn't Know about Maddie Ziegler

Happy 15th Maddie Ziegler! Ziegler has starred in six of Sia's music videos; Cheap Thrills, Elastic Heart, Chandelier, Big Girls Don't Cry, The Greatest, and Rainbow. Though the world may know her as Sia's mini me, there is much behind the black and white wig. 

1. She's an author! Zieger landed a book deal with Gallery Books where she published a memoir entitled, The Maddie Diaries, recounting her time on the Lifetime show Dance Moms. She will also be publishing a novel trilogy centered on a young dancer navigating her way through auditions. 


2. She's good friends with Millie Bobby Brown. Yes, Maddie is friends with Eleven from Stranger Things. Zielger told People, "She was a fan of the show, Dance Moms, and she came to one of the So You Think You Can Dance tapings: I get back to my dressing room and she was like fangirling which is was so funny! Then I watched Stranger Things in a day and a half — it was so good! She’s so good. And then I just reached out, like, ‘Your show’s amazing.’ Then we just kept talking and became best friends.” 


3. She's a Taylor Swift fan. Zeilger was in Todrick Hall's music video 'Taylor in Wonderland.' The video incorporates Taylor Swift songs with an Alice in Wonderland visual. That was enough for Swift to invite Ziegler backstage for a meet and greet. 


4. She has her own clothing line! Ziegler partnered with Nordstrom to create a junior girls clothing line that will be released October 10, 2017. In a People Exclusive interview Ziegler says, "I’m very excited about it because this whole line is pretty much clothes that I’d want to wear. There’s a gap I feel. Kids’ clothes are either too childish or something I would never wear. And sometimes adult clothes are either too big on me or it’s just too grown up for me. I’m really excited to find the in-between so we can relate to what we want to wear instead of trying to look like something we’re not.” 


5. Sia wants Ziegler to play a younger version of her in Sia's biopic. There is no doubt that the Sia and Ziegler have collaborated on videos, but the two actually became close friends. Ziegler tells People that Sia has given her career, life, even boy advice! “We do have a movie. We put it aside for a little bit because we’ve been on tour and stuff, but things will be happening in the future.”



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