5 Hilary Duff Movies We Absolutely Adore!

Hilary Duff is the voice of the millennial generation, with Lizzie Mcguire, A Cinderella Story, and her new television show Younger, Duff grew up in the spotlight. She's turning 30 today so let's look back on some of her greatest films. 

"Younger" Season 3 & "Impastor" Season 2 New York Premiere

1. Casper Meets Wendy (1998) A crossover film between Casper the Friendly Ghost and Wendy the Good Little Witch. ( I mean with names like that I didn't see why they wouldn't be friends) This is the first film Duff starred in and she did wickedly. Duff plays Wendy who is being chased by Desmond Spellman, an evil warlock who learns Wendy has potential to be the most powerful witch alive. While in hiding, Wendy befriends Casper, who helps her destroy Desmond. A very cute movie, even though we can't figure out if she's wearing her witch outfit or a full body rompet.. Either way it looks great! 

2. The Lizzie Mcquire Movie (2003) All those who were a fan of Lizzie Mcquire on Disney Channel  know all the words and moves to "This is What Dreams Are Made Of." This is the movie finale to the Lizzie Mcquire series where 13 year old Lizzie takes a class trip to Rome and ends up impersonating Italian pop star, Isabella. This is the movie that set off Duff's reign over romantic comedies. I mean come on, being handed a big wheel of cheese, performing at the Colosseum, any scene with her BFF Gordo! You're smiling just reading this!

3. Raise Your Voice (2004Hillary Duff plays Terri, a shy teenage girl who has a passion for singing. After her brother passes away, her momentum for singing diminishes, however, she learns that before her brother died he had submitted an application for Terri to attend Performing Arts School in LA. Terri goes for it and finds her voice during her summer in the City of Angels. Lots of musical numbers in this movie, along with the big musical competition at the end of the film!  *gasp!* Who will win? Who will lose? Who will raise their voice?

4. A Cinderella Story (2004Hands down, any girl who was preteen or teen during the early 2000's has seen this movie. Duff plays Sam Montgomery, a modern day Cinderella, whose dream is to move away from her evil stepmom and stepsisters, and attend Princeton University. The film follows the Cinderella plot; evil stepmom, a fairy godmother, Prince Charming, a lost flip phone instead of a glass slipper. Also Chad Michael Murray plays Prince Charming, very swoon worthy. 

5. The Perfect Man (2005) A very underrated film! Duff plays teenage Holly who basically invented online catfishing. Holly's mom, Jean, is determined to find 'the perfect man,' and after every breakup Jean moves her daughters to a different city for start fresh. Holly encourages her mom that there's nothing wrong with being single, but after many failed attempts, Holly creates a fake secret admirer for her mom. This 'secret admirer' is based on her friend's uncle, Ben, who eventually falls in love with Holly's mom. There's a lot more in between, but overall Duff helps out her mom while snagging a cute guy along the way. Way to go Holly!

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