Dove Cameron Teaches Fan How to Cope With Anxiety

Dove Cameron surprised a fan and helped teach her how to cope with anxiety on Thursday, September 14. The Descendants 2 star — who took a break from filming alongside Jennifer Aniston to call in to On Air With Ryan Seacrest — helped make the latest #KIISCampus happen with 14-year-old fan Maya.

“I reached out to her on Instagram asking her how she deals with anxiety and how she makes friends in Hollywood because that’s something that I have been struggling with,” Maya shared with OAWRS before being surprised on the phone by Dove. 

Dove, who has spoken out about how to handle anxiety in the past, shared with Maya that you just need to remember you won’t always feel that way. 

Maya talking to Dove Cameron

Maya talking to Dove Cameron

“I don’t think there’s any human in the world that escapes pressure and anxiety,” Dove told Maya. “I think the goal is to remember that sensation of coming out of a darker time in your life … [and] remind yourself ‘I always come out of it and I need to not let myself forget that.’”

Dove added that its important to be open to your emotions and not ignore them.  

Listen to the audio above to hear more from Dove. And if you want the chance to meet your favorite social media influencer or celebrity prior to making your way to class in the morning, use the hashtag #KIISCampus and tell us what school you go to, who you are following and loving and who you’d love to meet!

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