Join Manny for Your Shot to Win a Copy of Agents of Mayhem

Join Manny today in the city of Whittier for your chance to win a copy of Agents of Mayhem for the Xbox One or Playstation 4!                                                                                                                   

From the crazy minds of the creators of Saints Row, comes the next open-world summer blockbuster game, AGENTS OF MAYHEM. In stores now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or on Steam for PC.

Save a futuristic vision of Seoul Korea from the evil super organization Legion with the Agents of Mayhem, a band of destructive misfits who don't mind a little collateral damage to get the job done

Tune in to KIIS FM hear the EXACT location.

Big thanks to our friends at Deep Silver and Co. for letting us get our hands on the game. SUPER fun and hilarious so don't miss your chance to win a copy to try Agents of Mayhem for yourself.

**Giveaways start at 7:15AM and are at KIIS FM's discretion**



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