Are You Wondering Where The New Season Of 'Grey's Anatomy' Will Pick Up?


If you're a Grey's fan like me you've probably been wondering where will the new season pick up? Well Entertainment Weekly answered that question, check it out...

"Right where we left off, so everyone is still reeling in the wake of the finale explosion. But it won’t be long before there’s a shakeup at Grey Sloan. “There’s obviously some damage to the hospital,” Kelly McCreary says. “But it is, in true Grey’s Anatomy style, a completely surmountable obstacle, because we are superhuman doctors. It serves more as a metaphor of the transformation that the show is going to go through tonally. It’s lighter this season. The hospital definitely is undergoing some changes in the form of a new crop of students coming in. It’ll look a bit different in certain areas, and some relationships have come to an end or are blossoming, so repairing the damage is more of a metaphor.”

I can NOT wait!


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